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How can I practice lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is one of the most magical experiences out there. The idea of choosing and controlling your dreams, doing anything I can imagine, even the impossible, is a very appealing idea. Most people experience a lucid dream

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Hi. We are Annina and Noemi. A random meetup in the world’s most famous digital nomad mecca back in 2019 was the beginning of our journey together. Soon after, we became friends and business partners.

Not only do we share a love of traveling the world, but also a desire to persue a lifetime journey inward – to ourselves.

Both of us have gone through some struggles – like every human being. While this are part of life, we believe that everyone has the potential for change towards more personal freedom and happyness. To help humans on this journey, we conceptualize and design these unique tools. 

The guided journals are based on our own experiences in dealing with some of life’s most difficult challenges. You won’t find these prodcuts anywhere else. They are the tools we wished we had at the time when we were facing a change process.